French Lavender, English Lavender, Bulgarian Lavender OH MY: Part I

antibacterial Aromatherapy Bulgarian Lavender French Lavender Lavender relaxation sedative

Lavender is cultivated all over the world, historically lavender is known best for being grown in France and England but did you know that Bulgaria is now one of the largest producers. Lets not forget about lavender grown right here in the United States. In Northern Washington there are many productive lavender farms. There are many different varieties of lavender and all varieties have a different aroma.  Lavender is widely known to calm the nervous system.  Lavender has so many properties so just to name a few it is antibacterial, anticoagulant, antidepressant, sedative and so many more. If you have not already introduced lavender into your life do it today. Stay tuned for Panacea Therapies continuing series on lavender Part II- 10 ways to use lavender in your daily routine.

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