Part II of Panacea Therapies Lavender Series: 10 ways to incorporate lavender into your daily routine.

Lavender in your daily routine should be an essential part of your day. Panacea Therapies presents 10 ways to get lavender into your life.

1. Put lavender on the bottoms of your feet to help you sleep at night or stay calm throughout the day.

2. Diffuse lavender in your home or in high stress environments.

3. Place a couple of drops of Panacea Therapies Bulgarian lavender oil in your washer or place on a wool ball for use in your dryer to make your clothes smell wonderful.

4. Add a drop of lavender to a glass of lemonade and garnish with a lavender sprig.

5. Place lavender directly on your skin at your pulse points for an instant calming effect

6. Add Lavender essential oil to a hot bath or try Panacea Therapies, lavender rain bath salts.

7. Add lavender oil to the inside of your toilet paper roll for lavender freshness in your bathroom.

8. Add lavender essential oil to aloe vera gel to sooth sunburn

9. Use lavender essential to sooth bug bites

10. Add lavender oil to hot water, squeeze lemon and add a teaspoon of honey and enjoy a cup of wellness.

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