Chakra Heart Essential Oil Blend
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Heart Essential Oil Blend: Love yourself.

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 Heart Essential Oil Blend

Heart Essential Oil Blend is one of my favorite blends! This is specially blended to support your ability to be compassionate, empathic, and loving towards yourself and others. When dealing with matters of the heart, we can become closed off or guarded--not  wanting to let others in for fear of getting hurt. Heart Essential Oil Blend can assist you in remembering to keep your heart open, allowing energy flow to help mend the hurt of past loves and losses, and allow the new adventures in without doubt and the fear of being hurt.

Applications: Apply directly to heart region, use on pulse points, or diffuse. This blend can be applied several times throughout the day. Not for internal use

Heart Essential Oil Blend is a proprietary blend of lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, wild orange, jasmine, and fractionated coconut oil. 10mL roller ball

All oil blends are made with organic and/or a combination of therapeutic grade oils. Panacea Therapies takes great pride in choosing only the highest quality oils for use in our products.

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