Medicine Shield Collection

Medicine Shields are a specific tool that will help you to bring things into your life that you want to experience and deflect the negative energy you wish to stay away from you. Envision a circle drawn on a piece of paper and you are in the center. Draw another circle around you in the big circle. write all the things in the inner circle that you want in your life. in the outer circle write the things you may be willing to allow in your life and outside of all the circles write the things you will not allow into your life. As you go through this process use my medicine shield essential oil blends to assist you. Hummingbird Essential oil blend is to bring joy in your life, dragonfly blend is to bring clarity to you and butterfly blend is for transformation into the life you want. Mermaid essential oil blend is to assist you with bringing creativity and passion to your life and honoring fluidity of spirit. Other medicine shield blends will be added to this collection as created.