About Us

Panacea was the Greek Goddess of Universal Remedy. She provided remedies to people who needed healing. Essential oils hold properties to support your body and mind through the healing process.

Panacea Therapies Logo

Panacea Therapies Specializes In:

  • Individual Aromatherapy consultation
  • Workshops designed for employers wishing to promote wellness for their employees
  • Classes for a variety of learning experiences from aromatherapy to cooking with essential oils
  • Chakra clearing and re-energizing
  • Medicine Shield development
  • Custom blending and proprietary formulas

A Note from Our Founder

Rebecca Worth with her horsePanacea Therapies specializes in emotional and physical balance, working through emotions of grief and loss, and supporting your mind and body so that you can heal, re-energize and find balance.Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me and my company. I have been a Medical Social Worker for the past 20 years, for many of those years a hospice social worker. Choosing Social Work as a career can be tough on the body both physically and emotionally. In today’s world we have to find and create a way to take care for ourselves and to find balance in our lives. Working with essential oils and aromatherapy has enhanced my ability to, support and maintain my emotional health as well provide support to my immune, skeletal, muscular, endocrine, nervous and lymphatic systems. Essential oils help to support all systems in our bodies helping us to stay healthy both physically and emotionally. When emotions run high I reach for the lavender oil or when I need energy I reach for my butterfly essential oil blend. I have a variety of clients seeking essential oils that help to combat the side effects of medication, to help ease the discomfort of arthritis or support their emotional health.

I use a variety of organic and therapeutic grade oils. Panacea Therapies supports small local businesses and works hard to use quality ingredients in all products.

Telephone aromatherapy consultations and custom blended formulas are available. It is Panacea Therapies goal to walk with you on your journey to wellness.

Stay Well,
Rebecca Worth,
Founder and Owner

Mission Statement

Promote Wellness through the use of aromatherapy and essential oil use. Provide individual customized aromatherapy and essential oil daily protocols for overall physical and emotional health. Provide exceptional customer service and to promote the highest quality of products available. Panacea Therapies supports other local businesses and supports the promotion of green products and organic goods.