Butterfly Essential Oil Blend for Transition
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Butterfly Essential Oil Blend: The art of transition

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Butterfly Essential Oil Blend

Butterflies represent transition. Moving from one stage to the next in our lives is rarely an easy feat. We start fearlessly when young, realizing as we age that we should be more cautious with words and actions. Our bodies age, and so do our minds, bringing us the wisdom of maturity. Butterfly Essential Oil Blend is created to assist your body, mind and spirit in these transitions. This blend is created to help you bring realize the valuable lessons you learn throughout the stages of life, so that you enter each new stage of life more wise, content, and confident about where and who you are.

Applications: Can be used multiple times daily on pulse points, the bottoms of the feet, and can be diffused. Not for internal use.

Butterfly Essential Oil Blend is a proprietary blend of wild orange, grapefruit,lemon, lemongrass and fractionated coconut oil.

10mL, roller ball


All oil blends are made with organic and/or a combination of therapeutic grade oils. Panacea Therapies takes great pride in choosing only the highest quality oils for use in our products.



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