Hummingbird Essential Oil Blend for Joy
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Hummingbird Essential Oil Blend: Bring joy to your life.

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Hummingbird Essential Oil Blend

Hummingbirds represents the joy in our lives, and the joy that we can bring to other’s lives. Imagine how a hummingbird flutters in and spreads joy for the short time it is present. Hummingbirds love the sweetness of life and know to only look for that.  The hummingbird is also drawn to the color red, which reminds us to target joy, to bring joy into our life and to give joy to others.  Hummingbird Essential Oil Blend will remind you seek joy, give joy and find the sweetness of your life.

Applications: Can be used multiple times daily on pulse points, the bottoms of the feet, or can be diffused. Not for internal use.  

A proprietary blend of lavender, marjoram, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, sandalwood, frankincense, vetiver, clary sage, spearmint, lavender, lemon and fractionated coconut oil.

10mL roller ball:  $15.00

All oil blends are made with organic and/or a combination of therapeutic grade oils. Panacea Therapies takes great pride in choosing only the highest quality oils for use in our products.


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