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Organic Herbal Bath Tea

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Organic Herbal Tea Bath:

Soothe and Renew your skin with this proprietary blend of Lavender, rose petals, Hibiscus, Calendula, aloe leaf, oats,  dead sea salts, African Red Bush tea, fractionated coconut oil and lavender essential oils. This blend has so many properties to enhance your well-being, it is the perfect blend to renew your skin and relax your mind. Lavender will relieve anxiety and promote rest, rose, hibiscus, oats, aloe, calendula and redbush tea will renew your skin and promote regeneration of skin cells, the dead sea salts can relax sore muscles and relieve tension.

Protocol for use:  ½ cup in the provided tea bag added into your hot bath.  Massage the tea bag in bath to ensure all properties are released. This product is gentle and safe can be used for children or pets with supervision of tea bag contents.


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